About this website

Friends of EFA is a network of people from across the world that defend the right to self-determination. Selfdetermination.world offers a platform for you to connect with this network and become an actor towards change, by discussing topics that matter most to you and your community with people who share similar common goals.

What matters most to you?

As a Friend of EFA, you will be able start a discussion with the community on what matters most to you – whether this is looking for support from other regions, nations, peoples or minorities, or whether it is about shaping new policies related to self-determination.

Interact and connect

Whether you are following a discussion created by somebody else, or whether you created a whole new topic, you will be exchanging with people who will have similar issues and aims to your own. You might be half the world away – but you might just be next door to each other!
Look out for our notable members - you might get the chance to exchange with famous leaders!

Have your say

As the community grows, you will be able to elect the “administrators” of this website. But Friends of EFA is not just a virtual community. This platform simply acts as a link between you and potential allies.
If you feel comfortable enough and you think you have what it takes – why not organise a meeting or a topic-specific event yourself through our “event” function?

And finally, Friends of EFA can elect a delegate that will represent the network at the EFA General Assembly, an annual event where 47 political parties get together to discuss their vision of a Europe of the peoples.


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