What is friends of EFA

Sound familiar?

In Europe, about 50 million people are part of a minority language group. Across the world, there are approximately 80 Stateless nations – Corsicans, Basques, Catalans, Kashubians, Welsh, Kurds, Kabyles, …. Many of them are being openly rejected and/or oppressed by the State.

Friends of EFA is a space where all these regional and national minorities and stateless nations can exchange.

Be part of a global movement

By joining Friends of EFA, you join a global movement that believes that the power of decision should come from the people. This right, called the right to self-determination, is enshrined in international law – one example is Article 1 of the Charter of the United Nations. Among other things, Friends of EFA defend language equality, the right to more autonomy for regions and nations, and the right to own a country should a people decide to do so.

In Europe, the European Free Alliance has been actively promoting the application of these principles, for example by pushing for a revision of EU law on the protection of minorities.

By becoming a Friend of EFA, you are supporting the fight for recognition of national minorities, minority languages, Stateless nations and autonomy/independence.

It’s time to take this to a global level - be part of the conversation!