Günther Dauwen

Günther is Flemish, father of two children, Director of EFA.

Günther was born in Europasquare, Antwerp on 10 May 1969, one day after Europe day. He is a proud father of two children. He studied social and political sciences at the Antwerp university and graduated as master in international relations at the university of Leuven in 1992. Rather than going into the obligatory military service he as conscience objector decided to work for 3 years in a shelter project for underprivileged young adults.

He worked as coordinator for a traveling exhibition project called « From Algebra to Pyjamas » and toured through Flanders explaining to young people how the West has been positively influenced by the arab culture for centuries. He worked for almost 4 years as a teacher for adults in the lifelong learning program, bringing politics and Europe closer to the people.

In 2000 he started working as assistant to Member of the European Parliament Nelly Maes, elected for Volksunie, who at that time was president of EFA. In 2004 he became director of the European Free Alliance as European political party and together with Eva Mendoza - and later on Eva Bidania -  built up the party structures based on the in 1981 founded EFA alliance.

Günther has been working for EFA for 18 years, mainly driven by the wish to live in a world with less injustice and more tolerance and understanding. He is a music lover and writes poetry.