Francesco Vuocolo

Big supporter of the EU and the idea of Europe of the Regions

My name is Francesco Vuocolo, I'm 25 years old and I'm from Ravenna, italy

I believe in EU but I think that it needs some changes, like giving more importance to all the regions of Member States. Regions must have a direct dialogue with EU institutions, without the intermediary step of national governments. I think regions must have more autonomy inside their own country and national governments should recognize and protect the diversity of culture and language in their own territory.

I come from a region that is the union of two lands (Emilia and Romagna). Emilia has the majority of population and land, plus Emilia has the regional capital (Bologna). In my land (Romagna) there’s a lack of investments from the regional government; they made improvements in road and railway network only in Emilia, without considering the same problems that we still have in Romagna; regional government closed the majority of the hospitals in Romagna, improving the ones in Emilia, as far as Forlì and Rimini’s airports, that are sacrificed to Bologna’s airport. For these and more reasons, several people in Romagna like me are asking a constitutional referendum in order to split from Emilia and create a new region in our own. Unfortunately, the national government has not allowed it and there are no italian political parties carrying on this situation. So, I decided to join EFA in order to bring this matter in the european level.

I strongly support some indipendence/pro-autonomy movements, like the indipendence of Scotland, Catalunya and Euskal Herria. I've already participated to different MEU (Model European Union) simulations around Europe and I understood the functioning of the European Parliament. 2019 EU elections are getting closer and I will be ready to represent EFA in the European Parliament