Autonomy for Romagna

June 17, 2018
Why Romagna's asking to be an autonomous region

Romagna is an historical region of Italy and it's part of Emilia-Romagna region. Emilia has the majority of population and land, plus Emilia has the regional capital (Bologna).

Why is Romagna asking to split from Emilia and create their own region?

Romagna is one of the most ancient and characterized Italian Regions with its own history, culture, economy. Backbone of the "the people's right" are, in the democratic world, the self-management and the self-determination of every community.

Regions are the popular base of the European Union. They participate in the definition and realization of EU's programs and they compete to divide the financial availabilities. Until now, these availabilities have not even brushed Romagna.

Italy is transforming itself from "Regional" to "Federal" State, this will multiply the local competences beginning from the same fiscal politics. If Romagna won't be "Autonomous Region", it won't be involved in such fundamental trial. And it will increase the separation from other national territories.

Romagna has the national record of the road accidents for the ancientness of its streets. The high railway Speed stops to Bologna. The Airports of Forlì and Rimini are continually sacrificed to the hegemony of the Marconi in Bologna. Considering that Romagna is the most tourist territory in Italy!

In contrast to the other regions in Italy, few years ago the Region Emilia-Romagna has closed or declassed around twenty peripheral Hospitals, with notable prejudice for the Romagna population. All the university Clinics and the Hospitals with qualification "regional" are in the Emilia territory, with further notable prejudice for our use.

While all the Provinces in Emilia have an own University, Romagna has none. The actual ones "Departments" of Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini are direct emanation of the university in Bologna and they reflect it and they preserve Bologna's affairs.

Recent floods in the Romagna territory has underlined the fragility and the demand of a continuous care of it. The sea permanently puts in danger Romagna's beaches, that are the most popular in Europe. The landslides are increasing. From Bologna it misses a policy for that and, to be suitable, it must be local.

Romagna, with its over million inhabitants, misses of essential services (Court of Appeal, Court of the Liberty, Regional Administrative Court, Court of the Accounts, Juvenile court, etc.) for a long time. This means huge burdens and endless movements to Bologna. This is resolvable with the birth of Romagna Region.


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