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January 10, 2019
How to organize "majorities" for minorities?

Im very glad to become member of the friends of EFA. I´d rather be a member of a member-party of EFA but there is no memberparty in my region. And that´s the problem on the way to majorities for minorities. The current members of the EFA are parties of regions or minorities with a  consciousness for itself. 

The EFA has 38 member parties and 6 observer/observated parties. That means representatives of 44 regions are orgaized in the EFA. All of these regions have first and foremost an inward, self-directed goal. But if I look only at the statistical classification of the EU in NUTS-1 regions, I come to 98 regions in the EU-28. Without considering a more meaningful subdivision. 44 ot of 98....

As a Brandenburger I live in Germany. Using the example of a "German" EFA member, the Bavarian party, I would like to describe the problem as I see it. The Bavarian Party works for the independance of Bavaria and in Bavaria almost one third can imagine that this is a good idea. But outside of Bavaria almost everybody woukd say that this woud be an unacceptable requirement. Why this? Well, summarized in an exaggerated way: All the others have no idea that they live in a "region" too, with its own characteristics, its own history, and the possibility own identity.

It would be necessary to ensure that all other European regions also discover themselves and at the same time convey the idea of a Europe of Regions. This idea of a Europe of the Regions should not be understood as a compromise proposal of the regional parties to reach the previous primary goals, but as the ultimate goal. It would be necessary to ensure that all other European regions also discover themselves and at the same time we need to rise the acceptance the idea of a Europe of Regions.

At the end the previos primary goal of each member partie would become a secondary goal. But this new secondary goal would be a logical consequence after reaching the new primary goal. To come back to the Bavarian Party: If we reached this, a bavarian independence would not be terrible demand for all the others but a logical consequence of the common agreement about the way we want to live in Europe.

All over Europe, we must become more regional in order to become more European. A Europe of the regions, for example, as a federal European republic of the regions, has to become the third offer for the people not to return to nationalism or to continue the centralization.

Therefore, we must find ways to transport our ideas to regions without member parties. Where I live, in Brandenburg, is such a region. I would be willing to found a party with a primary focus on Europe and regional issues as a tool for the ideas of a regional Europe. I would like to inspire the people for their home region and for a Europe that makes this enthusiasm possible. All I miss here is the teammates. Maybe there are some Brandenburgers here?

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Supporter of the Idea of an European Republic of Regions, Inhabitant of the State of Brandenburg

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Thank you for your contribution. Europe indeed should reflect on where it wants to go. A Europe of the Peoples is needed since the current Europe focusses on the capitals and member states not on the regional dimension and the citizens. Our campaign slogan for the European election is therefore "A Europe for ALL Peoples".